Book Review: ‘All The Missing Girls’ Shows You Cannot Escape Your Past

Megan Miranda’s latest book All The Missing Girls (Simon & Schuster; June 28) shows that you can’t escape your past and secrets always have away of coming out.

Nicolette Farrell is living in Philly, has a good job and an awesome fiancee. When she gets a letter from her ailing father, who’s in home for, she decides to go back to Cooley Ridge, NC and help look after him. Her brother Daniel wants to sell the family home and her dad won’t do it. They are trying to get him to sign papers. Nic knows it’s a big mistake to go back and she regrets having to do it knowing that the place is toxic to her and she did everything she could to escape the place.

Going back to Cooley Ridge brings back the events of 10 years ago when her best friend Corinne went missing and the body and case were never solved. The case has revolved around Nic, her boyfriend at the time Tyler, Daniel, Corinne’s boyfriend Jackson and a neighbor Annaleise (who’s been seeing Tyler). When she suddenly goes missing it brings up what happened to Corinne. The story is told in reverse order from day 15 to day 1 and what happened in those days. All the secrets are revealed and who did the murders are revealed.

The telling the story in reverse didn’t work for me. Not sure why but it was an annoyance more than a help to the story. The story overall is a good one with twists and turns you don’t see coming.

Pick up your copy on Tuesday, June 28.

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