Book Review: ‘Meghan A Hollywood Princess’ Is A Good Look At Her Life

Okay lets get this out of the way to begin. Andrew Morton’s new book Meghan A Hollywood Princess (in stores now) on the soon to be Princess is a look at her life from the time she was born up until meeting Harry and planning the wedding. There’s nothing salacious or scandalous about the book.

What we get is her story from she was born and her parents and childhood (and her past family). She didn’t have the greatest parents and was much younger then her brothers and sisters. Growing up as a bi-racial child and the crap she had to put up with because of it. To going to Hollywood and trying to make it as an actress and of course her personal life. Her first marriage and why it didn’t work out. To her early acting roles and then getting Suits. How she auditioned and got the role and great behind the scenes stories and how she would fight for her character.

Meghan worked hard for where she is now. She has dedicated herself not only to her career but her charitable work as well. The book also recaps her romance and engagement to Prince Harry. How they met and fell in love to meeting the Queen.

Author Andrew Morton has a great recap and stories about Meghan and how she got to this most important moment in her life on May 19. Some of which has been out there and other things that I had not known about her before. If you want a primer on her before the big wedding, the book is in stores now.

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