Book Review: ‘The Marsh King’s Daughter’ Brings The Past And Present Together In A Gripping Tale

Helena Pelletier has had quite the life so far. She lived her childhood off the grid with her mother and father Jacob. See Jacob kidnapped her mother when she was young and has held her captive in a cabin, in a Marsh, in Michigan. Helena was born a couple of years later. They lived a simple life with no electricity and living off the land. Their days spent hunting, fishing, cooking and Helena learning from her Father (not knowing what he has done). Years later when a man shows up lost in the marsh on a snowmobile, he recognizes Helen’s mom. He’s found out by Jacob and is beaten and tied up. He urges her to take her mom and escape. He tells her how to drive it. A successful escape and they are free.

Two years later her dad is caught and thrown in jail. Now in present day Helena is married to Stephen and has two little girls. She hasn’t completely gotten over her past but deals with life one day at a time. She changed her name and has hidden her past best she could (even from her husband). Well the past never stays buried. Jacob escapes from prison and kills two guards. Now he’s loose and Stephen finds out about him. He takes the kids to his parents for safe keeping.

Now that Helena is alone, she knows what she has to do and that’s find her father. She knows exactly what he’s thinking and what he’s going to do. She heads for the marsh and begins tracking him. It’s now a game of cat and mouse. Who’s the student and who’s the master? Both Helena and Jacob will soon understand what it means to be The Marsh King’s daughter!

Told in flashbacks to her life in the cabin and in present day, it’s a thrilling tale of suspense and betrayal all the way to the climactic end!

You can pick up The Marsh King’s Daughter in stores on Tuesday, June 13 from G.P. Putnam’s Sons.

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