Book Review: ‘Man Of War’ Is A Great Action Thriller Debut

I love a good action thriller book. And Man Of War is just that. It’s the debut novel from Sea Parnell (who served in the Army). It introduces one of the best new characters in a few years in Eric Steele, who is a bad ass in the same vain of Jason Bourne, Orphan X and James Bond. He’s able to overcome any situation and get the job done.

Eric is an Alpha and part of a secret organization known as the PROGRAM, outside of the CIA, the FBI and only known to the President and Vice President. It’s used when things need to go outside the prodigal of the law. And now Eric has the battle of his life going on. His former mentor, believed to be dead, is in fact alive and wanting revenge for what happened to him and his family. He has a nuclear weapon and is heading to DC to get his revenge.

Eric is on the run trying to figure out how to stop the mysterious person who is causing trouble throughout Europe, Africa, the Middle East and setting a site in Washington, D.C. to get the ultimate revenge. It will take everything Eric has to out maneuver the one person who can out maneuver him. Who to trust and how to stop this before it’s too late is what leads to an ultimate showdown.

A great debut novel with non-stop action, with twists and turns for any fan of this action, military, adventure genre!

You can pick up Man Of War in stores on Tuesday, September 11, from William Morrow.

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