Book Review: ‘Lost Lake’ Is The Next Detective Gemma Monroe Thriller

Author Emily Littlejohn is back with her third novel featuring Detective Gemma Monroe. She works in Colorado and is called to the nearby Lost Lake when a woman goes missing. It’s the beginning of spring and four people have decided to camp out. After a night of partying Sari is missing with her wallet and ID. Since she is of legal age and nothing else seems suspicious Gemma thinks she just left. Her boyfriend and her friends think something more. When they get down from the lake and check her apartment there’s not sign of her.

Gemma makes a note she is missing but can’t really do anything about it. That night is the big museum party (where Sari works) and a report is made that a valuable diary has gone missing. Gemma meets with Betty Starbuck (who filed the report). After the party Betty Starbuck is found murdered in her office. A murder, a missing person and a journal that could all be tied together have Gemma and her partner Finn working OT. And there’s also someone leaking information to a local reporter.

The more they investigate they find out secrets that could implicate a lot of people. When Gemma finally puts it all together it may be to late for her and Finn.

My first time reading a Gemma story and I really liked the character. The story is one of deception, murder, how the police work and twists and turns as the story heats up. Looking forward to more stories with her.

You can pick up Lost Lake: A Novel in stores on Tuesday, November 6, from St. Martin’s Press.

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