Book Review: ‘Losing Me’ Shows Life Doesn’t End When You Get Older

Just because you’re fifty-nine years old doesn’t mean your life is over.

In Barbara Stirling’s new book Losing Me (NAL Trade Paperback Original in stores now) just because someone turns fifty-nine doesn’t mean her life is over. Far from it.

Barbara is a teacher at a special needs school. At 59 years old she’s oldest teacher in the school. When budget cuts force her to be let go, it’s not a good time for her. Her personal life is tough. Having financial issues, a 23 year old son that moves back home and doesn’t seem to have a job, a married daughter with kids in financial difficulties and a mother who is self centered. When panic attacks start hitting her, things get worse for her. Oh yeah a husband who takes her for granted and is never really there for her.

Trying to figure out what her next step is, a little boy Troy, who she use to teach, touches her heart. From the day she stopped teaching she never forgot about him. He was being abused by his mother Tiffany’s boyfriend. She tried to help him and his mom said the boyfriend was out of her life. Well with most abuse issues he returned and hurt Tiffany really bad. With Troy in foster care she tried her best to be there for him.

When a new man comes into her life, she finds someone that listens and is there for her, when her husband Frank isn’t. Tempted to have an affair, Barbara finally takes stock in her life and decides she has to make changes to be happier.

A story about change, rediscovering yourself and understanding that life doesn’t end when you get older. You can pick up Losing Me in stores now.

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