Book Review: ‘Look Behind You’ Is The Next Exciting Kendra Michaels Novel

Kendra Michaels is back and is in serious trouble. A serial killer has targeted her and this time she may be in over her head. Look Behind You by Iris Johansen and Roy Johansen (St. Martin’s Press; in stores Tuesday, July 18).

A serial killer has hit San Diego and FBI head Griffin has made the call to get Kendra involved because of her unique talent of being able to see things (she was blind for 20 years and developed a sixth sense). She’s not interested but finally gives in. She’s taken to a murder scene and senses some things. She’s then drawn into the case against her better judgement.

When the killer named Zachary hits close to home, he breaks into her best friends apartment Olivia (who lives one floor down from her) and leaves a message for her, she is determined to find this guy. It also breaks Lynch back to town (they have a love/hate relationship) and immediately tries to take control of the situation (and still wants Kendra bad).

The more Kendra investigates with Lynch by her side, the happier Zachary gets. He’s laid what he thinks is a perfect trap for her. He’s also ready to add someone close to her his next victim. When Kendra figures out where he may be it could cost her and Lynch her life. When the final showdown comes down she’s shocked at who the serial killer Zachary is (hint it’s someone close to her that she had never suspected).

I am a big fan of Iris’s books and her characters. This story does not disappoint. It’s a thrilling story which also moves the Kendra/Lynch story along (they have strong sexual chemistry) and down the line could be great for each other. I am really looking forward to future installments to see how this relationship moves along.

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