Book Review: ‘In Their Lives: Great Writers On Great Beatles Songs’

I think also everyone loves The Beatles. How can you not? They came along and refined music in the 60’s. And now in the new book In Their Lives: Great Writers Of Great Beatles Songs, edited by Andrew Blaunner (Blue Rider Press; in stores Tuesday, May 23), 28 authors and musicians write what The Beatles meant to them.

Each person tells a story about one song that influenced their lives. Roz Chast says ‘She Loves You’ let her know there was another world out there of carefree people that didn’t worry about anything else. Jane Smiley on ‘I Want To Hold Your Hand’ related to her and her fellow junior high students. Each person tells a similar tale about the song that most influenced them.

It’s a love letter to the magic that was The Beatles (and still is to this day).

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