Book Review: ‘Life On The Leash: A Novel’ Is A Delightful Story Of Dogs And Finding Love

Any book that features dogs I am in. And this debut novel by dog trainer and pet expert Victoria Schade is just delightful. Life On The Leash: A Novel is available in stores on Tuesday, September 18 from Gallery.

Cora Bellamy is at a crossroads. She left the real world a few years ago to start her own dog training business in the DC area. It’s going good. She is getting more clients and loves working with the dogs. She is still not over her former finance Aaron a year and a half later (well she is and she isn’t). She hasn’t dated or gotten laid since then. And now he’s back in her orbit when he gets a reality show.

When she gets a new client with Charlie and Madison and their boxer Oliver things change. She finds herself around Charlie a lot when she’s training (Madison is out of town). An attraction develops and soon they are wanting to act on it. It takes everything she can to act on it.

She also meets Eli a friend of one of her clients Fran. He’s a nice guy who happens to live a few doors down from a new client of hers. He seems to always be there when she has a crisis. What she doesn’t see is what’s right in front of her. Charlie is with someone and he claims he will end it. But can she believe him? Especially when Eli is right in front of her.

She also finds out there’s a new reality show looking for a dog trainer to star on the show. Cora is talked into auditioning for it. She’s down to the final three and may very well have a good chance of getting the gig. So on top of working with the dogs, dealing with owners who won’t listen and figuring out her love life, Cora is at a crossroads as to how things will pan out.

A really fun story of dog training, letting go of the past and trusting your instincts around people and who you can believe. If you’re a dog person like me (I like cats just as well) this is a great look at mans best friend and knowing that above all that your dog will always be there for you even if no one else is.

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