Book Review: ‘Liar’s Candle’ Is A Great Debut Novel

August Thomas has a written a great, thrilling debut novel that kicks off on page one and continues right to the finale of the novel. It is non-stop action with great twists and turns you don’t see coming.

A 21 year old Penny Kessler is an intern working for the US Embassy in Ankara in Turkey is caught in a deadly explosion on July 4th as one of the only survivors out of 256 people and has can’t remember everything. She is a suspect in the bombing because of her friendship with suspect Zachary Robson (who disappeared before the explosion) and different forces within the US intelligence agencies are convinced she knows who did it and why and also the Turkish Government is after her. She is forced to go on the run not knowing who to turn to for help. She thinks she can trust people only to find out she can’t.

Soon she is on the run with CIA agent Connor Beauregard who was suppose to be bringing her in. He realizes things are not right with her and this investigation. They soon have to fight their own government as well as the Turkish Government. They figure out what is going on and have to stop a major event before it’s too late.

Penny is a bad ass character who relies on her gut instincts and in doing so makes for a thrilling adventure in August’s debut novel. You can pick up Liar’s Candle in stores now from Scribner.

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