Book Review: ‘Kiss My Boots’ Is The Next Chapter In The Coming Home Series

Harper Sloan is back with next chapter of The Coming Home Series. The new book is Kiss My Boots from Pocket Books in stores Tuesday, July 18. This story focuses on Quinn Davis, the sister of Maverick from the first book. Much like the first book it’s about her love life or lack of one.

Quinn was hurt many years ago by the love of her life Tate Montgomery. The got together when they were young and pledged themselves to each other. Even when Tate had to go away to Medical school they still had summers together. Then Tate just stopped responding to Quinn. This was nine years ago but Quinn never got over him. And he never did her. He had his reasons for what he did and hates himself to this day for it.

Now Tate is coming back to town to take over his late Grandfather’s medical practice. This is freaking Quinn out because her feelings for him are still strong. When he asks for another chance and explains everything she understands but that doesn’t take the hurt away. Slowly they find their way back to each other and work on a future together.

Quinn and Tate are the main plot points of the story. Maverick and Leigh are planning their wedding and Clay is running the ranch.

The hot, steamy love scenes are back as well. Harper Sloan can sure write these! If you blush easy be prepared. The story asks the question can two people find their way back to each other and can hurt be put in the past to allow you to move forward. The story is very similar to the first novel in that it was about Maverick and Leigh finding their way back to each other. Still it’s good to catch up with fun, compelling characters and the tease for the next book is it will be a Clay story.

So on Tuesday, July 18 pick it up and bring with you to the beach or pool to help kill the time while you enjoy the summer!

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