Book Review: ‘Keep Her Safe’ Is A Suspenseful Mystery

This really is all you need to know about this book: Liane Moriarty, writer of Big Little Lies raves: “No one writes twisted, suspenseful novels quite like Sophie Hannah.”

Cara Burrows has fled from her family in England, leaving just a note, to go to a spa in Arizona. She found out she was pregnant with her third child. Not expecting to be with child at this point in her life it has become overwhelming for her. She just needed an escape for a couple of weeks. When she gets to Arizona she gives her phone to the man that has brought her rental car. She just wants peace and quiet.

Arriving at the five-star spa she is given her key and goes to her room. She’s exhausted and just wants to sleep. When she gets into her room she discovers that there is a man and a child there. She’s confronted by the man and figures out she was given the wrong room key. She goes back to the front desk and the clerk apologizes and upgrades her to a suite. Cara settles in and is ready to start her stay. She feels guilty about leaving her husband and kids and soon contacts them via e-mail and social media.

Lounging out at the pool she starts to hear ramblings about Melody Chapa, a famous child murder victim from years ago. She swears that was the child she saw. She researches the case on the internet and is sure it was her. So Cara turns detective and starts to investigate with the help of another person staying at the inn. Her husband shows up wanting to talk and they argue and Cara runs away. And that’s the last anyone sees of her. She has vanished.

We soon learn where she is and who has her and why. It leads to a shocking reveal and Cara soon knows she has to use her common sense to outwit her kidnappers to save her life.

Sophie Hannah has written a suspenseful, page turner. She goes into complete detail with back story so the reader knows every part of the Melody Chapa murder and who was and wasn’t suspected and how the case went down. There’s nothing like a good old-fashion mystery and it has a twist ending you may or may not see coming.

You can decide for yourself when Keep Her Safe hits stores on Tuesday, September 19, from William Morrow.

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