Book Review: ‘Ian Harding’s Odd Birds’ Is Look At His Life, Birds And Behind The Scenes Of Pretty Little Liars

I have never watch an episode of Pretty Little Liars, the show Ian Harding stars on. I was familiar with his name but didn’t know much about him. After reading Odd Birds (St. Martin’s Press; in stores Tuesday, May 2) I know a lot more about him.

His book is a biography that is really fun to read. Sure he talks about his childhood, his family, school and how he got his job on Pretty Little Liars. He tells lots of great stories on how he got the job with his auditions for his role. Anyone that thinks being an actor is all fun and games it’s not. Long days on the set, learning new lines with only a little notice and having to watch your diet. Still he enjoys it and if your a fan of the show, you’ll love all the behind the scenes stuff Ian tells.

What really fascinated me about the book is Ian’s love for birds. It seems he would rather spend all his time just looking at and researching birds. He will go away just for a weekend to look for a particular bird. If you have his number you can text him a picture of a bird and he will tell you what it is and all about it. I am not a big bird fan but after reading this I find myself looking at them more know and wondering about them.

There’s other interesting things in the book including how he got his dogs, his feelings on the end of Pretty Little Liars and shaving or waxing for the camera!

Any fan of the show must read this for the behind the scenes. Even if you don’t watch the show like me it was a fascinating read (because of the birds) and at only 254 pages a very easy read!

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