Book Review: ‘Heads You Win: A Novel’ Asks You To Choose Heads Or Tails To Decide Your Life

Imagine how your life will turn out depends on a flip of a coin. Heads or tails which one would you pick? Author Jeffrey Archer asks just that question in his awesome new book. In 1968 teenager Alexander and his mom Elena are about to make a daring escape from their home in Leningrad, Russia. His dad has been killed by the communist party and they’re not safe. They are going to stow away on a ship headed either to England or the United States. They must flip a coin to decide which ship they will go on.

We learn his fate over the next 30 years. The highs and the lows and where he and his mom ended up. But one thing is for certain someday he will return to Russia. And then there’s the shocking ending of the book. A twist so big you’re mouth will drop. You never see it coming.

This review may be a bit short on details but to write anymore would giveaway story that you want to read as you go along. A masterful job by Jeffrey Archer to write such a compelling novel with great characters and story that I haven’t seen much up in years. Just a really well done job.

You can pick up Heads You Win in stores now. You will not be disappointed reading this book!

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  1. November 10, 2018

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