Book Review: ‘Gork, The Teenage Dragon’ Is A Fun Mythical Story

Who would have known that the life of a dragon could be so complicated as it is in Gabe Hudson’s debut book Gork, The Teenage Dragon (Knopf; in stores Tuesday, July 11). If you’re a fan of the Greek God’s series of books (Percy Jackson) by Rick Riordan, you\ll be a fan of this one. It’s has a witty sense of humor and is often told by Gork himself.

As Gork points out throughout the book, if you’re a man-creature reading this it won’t be what you expect. Gork was born on Earth and lived by himself here for three years along with a ship named Athenos, who could talk and looked after him. His parents died on entry to the planet and somehow his egg survived.

His Grandfather who is called Dr. Terrible (who is a certified mad scientist dragon) finally got him and has been raising him since age three. Now years later it’s the final day at WarWings Military Academy and male dragons have to give their crown to a female to be his Queen. That means she will mate with him, lay his eggs and rule with him him on a foreign planet. If he doesn’t find a Queen, males will become slaves.

Gork isn’t a normal dragon. He has small horns, he tends to faint when stressed and has a big heart that has slowed down his medical readings and has a nickname of Weak Sauce. He does have a great personality and will fight for what he believes. He is trying to ask Runeita (the daughter of Dean Floop) to be his lady. Dean does not approve of this since he has gotten into a big brawl with Dr. Terrible and lost an eye.

This day is just not going good for Gork. He has been getting into fights with other students, told he’s flunking a class by A teacher and he keeps missing Runeita to ask her to be his Queen. As time is running out on him, he is chased by the Dean for trying to ask his daughter against his express wishes to not ask her. Then he is suddenly in a fight for his life when Dr. Terrible re-appears and Gork learns shocking secrets about his parents, his grandfather and his life.

There’s a great cast of characters including a talking ship, a robot dragon named Fribby, mutants and other dragons. See in this world bullying is okay and eating your fellow dragons is also okay to do. It makes for quite the adventure.

It’s a mythical story with a great adventure, a love story and dragons!

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