Book Review: ‘Golden Prey’ Is Next Fun Lucas Davenport Adventure

* Putnam provided us with this book for review.

John Sandford is back with his latest Lucas Davenport adventure Golden Prey (G.P. Putnam’s Sons; in stores Tuesday, April 25). Lucas has a brand new job now as a U.S. Marshal, based on the last novel of helping to save the life the Michaela Bowen, who is running for President.

Lucas is not one to sit around an office. He wants to be out in the field finding bad guys. He has heat in his office for the way he got his job. When a case is given to him to try and find a criminal name Garvin Poole, who’s been off the radar for years. He’s back on the radar after stealing money from a drug cartel in Biloxi. When they find some of his DNA they know he’s back in circulation.

Lucas is excited about this and hits the road on his own to start the search. Lucas doesn’t play well with others and heads to Nashville to start interviewing people close to Garvin. When he starts with the parents, he finds them brutality murdered. He soon learns the killers were sent by the cartel to find the money that was stolen from them. So not only is he looking for Garvin, he has cartel killers to stay ahead of.

His adventures take him all over the south and finally to Dallas, where he suspects Garvin is living. Two other U.S. Marshals also come to help him and soon it’s a race to El Paso to find him and the cartel killers before it’s too late (and there’s an awesome shootout that takes place)!

I am a big fan of this series as well as companion series with Virgil Flowers (who makes a cameo in the this book). If you’ve never read one of the Prey books don’t worry. Enough back story is given so you understand everything that’s going on.

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