Book Review: ‘Girl Last Seen’

Girl Last Seen is the debut novel from Nina Laurin (Grand Central Publishing; in stores now). It’s a decent debut story about two girls kidnapped 13 years apart.

Laine is at one of her two jobs. During the day she works at a supermarket and at night is a bartender at a Seattle strip club. She’s barely making enough to cover her bills. She also has a tortured past and really is a mess. When she’s putting up flyers in the window at the store she sees one for a missing girl named Olivia Shaw, who’s been missing for days now. It strikes a cord in her as it was 13 years ago when she went missing for 3 years. She thinks there is something similar to her case that was never solved.

When Detective Sean Ortiz is at her work they both recognize each other. He was the one that found her all those years ago when she was walking disoriented. He has questions for her about the case as he’s working it. Laine is forced to face the fact that the girl Olivia was the baby she had when she was found. She had given her up for adoption.

The police think that maybe Laine has something to do with the missing girl, she claims she had nothing to do with it. Sean sees something in Laine and takes her under his wing and tries to help her. Laine still struggling with happened to her also wants to help find Olivia. The more she tries to help the more she seems to mess things up and soon finds herself in a world of trouble. She tries to get to Sean for help before it’s too late. Once she learns the truth about where Olivia is and what happened to her all those years ago it may be to late for her.

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