Book Review: ‘The Girl Before’ Is An Awesome Thriller

You know a book is great when you read the first chapter and can’t put it down. The Girl Before by JP Delaney (Ballantine Books; in stores January 24) is just awesome. I literally couldn’t put it down. In reading the press notes the book has been picked up in 37 territories and has been picked up by Universal Pictures as a movie to be directed by Ron Howard. I can’t wait to see what he does with it.

The story centers on a mysterious house at One Folgate Street in England. It’s been designed by Edward Monkford, an interesting, controlling man. The house has all the newest smart devices that basically control your life inside the house. There’s also a list of rules for living there that must be adhered to or else you’re kicked out.

The main characters of the story Emma, a previous resident who died in the house. And Jane who is currently living in the house. Each chapter changes from Emma to Jane and tells their stories from the time they each were thinking about moving into the house. Each has similar qualities to each other. They also have similar features to Edward’s late wife (she and their son were killed). The house had been built for her.

The more these two women live in the house, the more they change. Emma is not the person we think she is at the beginning of the book. And Jane we find out is a different person as well by the end of the book. Edward has romanced both of them in the same way and soon Jane thinks he murdered Emma. The more she investigates, the more she’s convinced. She soon finds her life in jeopardy when she figures out who did it and why.

Much like The Girl On The Train this story goes back and forth with twists and turns. It’s a page turner for sure right to the very end!

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