Book Review: ‘Ghosts Of War: A Pike Logan Thriller’ Might Be The Best One Yet

It’s only been six years since Brad Taylor started his Pike Logan series of books. In that time he has sold more than one million copies! His latest may be his greatest. Ghosts Of War (Dutton; On-Sale June 28).

It’s a time of change in Pike Logan’s world. A new president is taking office. The task force has officially been put on stand down. Pike and Jennifer are figuring out what to do next with their legitimate business.

When they are contacted by their former allies/friends Aaron and Shoshana, they soon find themselves on another mission helping them recover artifacts hidden during WWII by the Nazis. What seemed like a somewhat easy mission so turns into a race against time to save the US from a nuclear attack from Russia. It also doesn’t help that they don’t have taskforce assets. With the president still in power up to the last minute, they are able to secure some help.

When something so shocking happens it sets up what could be World War III. Yes this review may be a bit vague. If you’ve ever read a Pike Logan novel before or at starting now you don’t want to be spoiled. I could not put the book down (and I got a review copy months ago). You will not be disappointed!

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