Book Review: ‘The Future She Left Behind’ Is One Great Read

Three women all reach a crossroads in The Future She Left Behind from Marin Thomas (Berkley Trade Paperback; in stores now). The book is just an enjoyable read right from the beginning to the very end. It’s what I like to call a page-turner. Every second I had would go into reading the book.

Katelyn had been married to Don for twenty years and has twins going into college in just a few months. He is a successful business man who travels a lot. Katelyn also has been taking care of her mother-in-law Shirley for the last few years as she cannot be left by herself. She is an ornery woman that drives Katelyn crazy. When there is a knock on the door and Katelyn is handed an envelope, it shocks the hell out of her. Its divorce papers from Don. She doesn’t understand and never saw it coming. He says he’s been unhappy for years and is involved with someone else. Not knowing what to do Katelyn packs a bag and takes off for home town of Little Springs, Texas and see her mother.

Shirley is outraged at her son and decides to go to Texas as well. Arriving at her mother’s house and seeing her old town brings back memories for Katelyn. It also brings back into her life her first love Jackson. Being back in the small town changes Katelyn (she starts painting again like she did years ago and starts seeing Jackson), Shirley (meets a man and starts dating) and her mother Birdie (who loved music and starts a band).

They say you can’t go back again. That the past is the past. For three women because of the past in moves them along to hopefully a better future.

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