Book Review: ‘For Better And Worse: A Novel’ Asks The Question How Far Would You Go To Protect Your Child?

Years ago on their first date with Will and Natalie, while both were in law school a hypothetical question was asked. How would you commit the perfect murder so you wouldn’t be caught? Interesting question for a first date.

Now all these years later that question comes back into their lives. Will and Natalie and married and have an eleven year old son named Charlie. They both work and have busy days between their two jobs and taking Charlie to school and all his activities. Natalie also thinks something is up with Will as he asks secretive at times and has been having a lot of meetings at night. But she lets it go.

When a scandal breaks out at Charlie’s school with the principal it shocks the small community. He has been accused of touching an underage boy in his school on a school trip. He’s put on leave while the case is investigated. It gets Will and Natalie wondering if anything might have happened to Charlie on that trip (there’s no signs of anything) but decide to ask him. He admits he was touched and it shocks his parents and outrages them. The principal was considered a friend of theirs. They decide to not go to the police. Natalie is a defense attorney and she knows what it will be like for Charlie and her family.

She thinks back to that first date and now brings up to Will about murdering the principal. He thinks she is crazy and she drops it as just something she was thinking. But she secretly is planning on his murder and working on every little detail on how to get away with it. Well the best plans do always go off as planned. She thinks she has every detail worked out.

The question is will she be able to pull it off without getting caught? How and when will she do it? And has she covered every little detail? It could either go off smoothly or destroy her family forever.

A story of a mother’s love for her child and how revenge can over take your life. The story is told from both Will and Natalie’s points of view. Shocking twists and turns lead to a climatic ending that will have you on the edge of you seat.

To find out exactly how it plays out you can pick up the book in stores on Tuesday, December 11th from MIRA.

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