Book Review: ‘Fool Me Once’ Is Thrill Ride

Harlan Coben has written 27 novels including his latest Fool Me Once (Dutton; Tuesday, March 22). I had never read one of his books before but will from now on. This book is a thrill ride a minute with an ending you don’t see coming at all.

Maya Burkett is a former special-ops pilot who had a situation while in combat. She is home now and had to bury her sister and now her husband in the span of a few months. As she tries to move on with her life she’s still haunted by past. She has to keep it together for her two-year old daughter Lily. When she goes back to work she hires a new nanny Isabella (who is the daughter of Joe’s nanny). She also puts in a hidden nanny cam. While watching the footage back she sees something shocking. Her late husband Joe holding Lily. It can’t be she thinks or can it? When she confronts Isabella she denies it and stills USB that contained the footage. On top of that the police are questioning her about Joe’s murder (which she swears she didn’t do).

When a mystery car starts following her she calls her old friend Shane for some help. Things are not adding up and she starts digging into them. She soon learns that the gun that killed Joe also killed her sister. As Maya starts digging she learns things that she never knew before. When she teams up with a well known blogger (think a Wikileaks type site), she learns that her late sister was onto a blockbuster of a story with her late husband.

The more she discovers, the more things don’t add up. She soon gets on some big time leads that may bring down a lot of people. As the story goes on twist after twist happens (and to even hint at any of them would be spoilers). By the time the book is over you will not see what is coming (at least I didn’t).

If you want an excellent thriller with a hell of an ending pick up Harlan Coben’s book Fool Me Once on Tuesday, March 22.

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