Book Review: ‘The Ferryman Institute’ Is A Fun Ride Looking At The Afterlife

Charlie Dawson is a Ferryman and has been for 250 years. He’s tired of it. Just tired. Helping the dead cross over takes a lot of you. Especially when they don’t want to go. It’s the job of a Ferryman to get it done. He’s been the most successful one they’ve had.

Ferryman are immortal and can’t just die. They have a special key that opens the doors for dead people. They an also regrow anything that might be injured. Charlie likes to break the rules when he can (as far as taking time off). He will just vanish for weeks.

When he gets a special case right from the President of the Ferryman Institute involving one Alice Spiegel (who is going to commit suicide), he’s given a choice bring her over or save her. But there’s no record of this every being told to him. He saves her and in doing so is hunted down by Inspector Javrouche, who has a grudge against him. So he and Alice go on the lam. As they spend time with each other, they both start to open up about their pain and realize theyre more alike than different.

When they are captured they are both brought back to the Institute where things are not as they seem and a big shock awaits them both in ways they never thought possible.

This is Colin Gigl’s debut novel and it’s fantastic. The story and characters are really well developed and Charlie Dawson is a gem. I could see this becoming a TV Series and with the right actor would be awesome.

You can pick up The Ferryman Institute (Gallery Books; in stores Tuesday, September 27th).

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