Book Review: ‘Extreme Prey’ Is The Next Exciting Lucas Davenport Novel

The next book in the John Sandford series is Extreme Prey (April 26; G.P. Putnam’s Sons) an exciting political thriller set in the the heartland of Iowa.

Lucas is living the quiet life of renovating his cabin in Wisconsin. He’s no longer employed and enjoying that fact. It’s all about to change when he gets a phone call from the ‘chief weasal’ for the Minnesota governor Elmer Henderson, who has aspirations to get to the White House. Because of things he has done in the past winning the presidency is not going to happen. Getting the Vice Presidential nomination is a possibility. Lucas is told he’s needed in Iowa after a series of weird (almost threatening e-mails and appearances at a few rallies that hints at a potential assassination) for leading candidate Michaela Bowden, who will most likely be the Democratic nominee.

Lucas is hired to track down who these people are and to stop whatever is going to happen. He gets his old friend Kidd (a hacker who seems to be able to crack anything) on the case of the e-mails. He’s able to narrow it down to a certain area of Iowa where they may have been sent from. As Lucas starts digging he finds that there are some political groups who have their own thoughts on who and how the country should be run. The more digging he does, the more certain people start to confer with each other.

Soon bodies of people he has talked to start to pile up and it’s a race against the clock to find the people that have been killing and threatening Michaela. It all leads to knowing that something will happen at the Iowa State Fair where the candidates will be appearing. The race is to figure out how and when it will go down.

Another exciting thriller from John. Getting to read a new Lucas Davenport book is like visiting old friends once or twice a year. It never gets old and you look forward to the next time!

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