Book Review: ‘Every Tool’s A Hammer’ By Adam Savage

Adam Savage is known for his many years on the successful Mythbusters on Discovery Channel. Now he takes what he has learned in forty-plus years of making, building and dissecting things in his new book Every Tool’s A Hammer. He gives his advise how to make your dream a reality and in the process maybe make something successful. He breaks thins down into four main sections.

The first part is about motivation and creating. How to take your idea and start to work on it. Section section is the way you work. It affects how your idea may turn out. Section three is about how you react to what you’re working on. Section four is how you organize things as you do your work. He gives great tips as your read along to make your project come to life. He had pictures of things to show what he’s talking about. Like lists and check boxes as an example.

He also tells stories along the way like when he was sixteen and he and his dad made an Excalibur inspired suit of armor and then wore it to school for Halloween. With great tips and ideas from him and other well known people you might just be able to live out your dream.

You can pick up the book in stores on Tuesday, May 7 from Atria Books.

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