Book Review: ‘Every Day I’m Hustling’ By Vivica A. Fox Is A Great Look At Her Life And Helps You To Be Motivated

I have been a fan of Vivica for years now. I got to interview her last year when she had her Black Magic show coming out. She was a pure joy to talk to. I had researched her and we talked for about 20 minutes. After reading her new book Every Day I’m Hustling, out Tuesday, April 3rd, from St. Martin’s Press, I’m not sure I knew her at all. Now I do. Her book is her story but it’s so much more. It’s a motivating tour de force. When things got/get her down, she takes stock and overcomes. She gives great tips on how to look at a situation and rise above it. And she does this throughout the book.

What she also does is talk about her life. From her life as the youngest child (there were 4 kids total) of divorced parents. Her Mom always working to make ends meet and her dad was also very active in her life. She learned lessons early on when playing basketball with her brothers. When they knock you down, you get right back up. To moving to California and getting into the acting profession. It wasn’t easy at first. She worked in a book store and as a waitress. She got some early breaks and did a few soaps, until her big breaks started to come.

She tells great behind the scenes stories about Tom Cruise, Will Smith, Larry David (and working on Curb Your Enthusiasm), Celebrity Apprentice (and Donald Trump) and what it’s like being a working actress. Not everything was great for her. Her love life was rough. She got married and realized it was a mistake. Then there’s the whole deal with 50 Cent (Curtis Jackson). They had a long, heated relationship. She goes into all the details and the breakup. It is juicy stuff and for the first time I believe sets the whole record straight (including the online things that were said).

Nothing is off limits from confessing to Oprah her regrets at never having a child and going through the change of life. And she has never been one to sit around and sulk. With all the ups and downs she has held her head high and taken every challenge in front of her. Read her story and find that she is no different from us. She’s just more famous!

* Also Vivica if you’re reading this review, I would love to come over and have one of your potatoes (and to understand this comment you need to read the book!).

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