Book Review: ‘Elevation’ By Stephen King Is A Short, Eerie Story Set In Castle Rock

Stephen King is the master of psychological, scary, eerie, mysterious and long novels. Usually when I get a new book from him it’s thick and at minimum 500 pages or more. So when I got Elevation I was shocked it was a small book with just 146 page. Yes you read that right.

Set in Castle Rock, Maine it’s about a man named Scott Carey who has a mysterious ailment that only a few people know about which helps bring the town together in an unexpected way. Scott lives alone and is known in the town. He has a lesbian married couple that lives next store with two dogs and one of them has an attitude towards Scott. They go running a lot and their dogs poop on Scott’s lawn and they don’t clean it up. They claim the dogs do not. The women own a vegetarian Mexican restaurant in town and are not accepted very well in this conservative Republican town.

Scott has a problem. He’s losing weight rapidly at two to three pounds a day. He eats a lot but his weight keeps going down. But he doesn’t look like he’s losing weight. He clothes still fit find. He weights himself with weights but his weight keeps going down. He talks to retired Doctor Bob and he’s perplexed at what is happening. Scott calculates at the rate he’s losing weight he will be dead in a matter of months.

He’s determined to make things right in his life before he goes. He runs the local after Thanksgiving race and makes a bet and hopes to fix things with the couple next door. He also wants to help their restaurant which isn’t doing very well.

When he confides his condition to a small group of people, they rally around him and his attempts to bring the town and the people together just may pay off.

Like I said about a different type of Stephen King novel that is sweet, a bit mysterious but shows how people can come together and overcome their differences when they just talk and get to know each other. Now I await his next 800 page novel!!

You can pick the book up in stores on Tuesday, October 30th from Scrbner.

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