Book Review: ‘Dune Drive (The Chesapeake Diaries)’ Is The Next Romantic Story In The Series

Chrissy Jenkins has packed up everything and left her abusive boyfriend and their relationship. Just literally taking what she could carry she quits her job as a cook and tells only one person (her boss) where she is headed. Back to her family and the safety of Cannonball Island and her 100 year old great grandmother Ruby. Back to the safety of the island and her family she helps out at the family store baking goodies for the men going to work the lakes.

Ruby sees she is just kind of hiding out and tells her to get moving with her life. She soon gets a job as a cook at local restaurant and also meets Jared Chandler (a ladies man by reputation) and a good friend of her cousins. They soon spend time together and decide they are just going to be friends (like that every works!). Soon that friendship develops into more and as they try and go forward the past shows up andmay make it too late for them.

A delightful romance set in a beautiful location with characters that you root for. Ruby is a hoot and you could only hope she would be your Grandmother/Great Grandmother. A perfect end of summer read for the pool/lake/river.

You can pick up Dune Drive from Mariah Stewart in stores on Tuesday, July 31.

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