Book Review: ‘#DoNotDisturb: How I Ghosted My Cell Phone to Take Back My Life’ By Jedediah Bila

Jedediah Bila has worked at Fox News and was a co-host on The View for a while. Like most of us she’s also addicted to her phone and technology. Constantely looking at our phones, checking out Twitter, Facebook and all the other social medias. Checking e-mail and so on. Well Jedediah says no more.

In her book she talks about her life a bit (it’s not a biography) but it’s more about how she finally sad no. She gives examples and stories of how she has had it with all this technology. How she makes decisions to just not look but put it down. How technology had taken over our lives and how to deal with it all.

Each chapter gives you advice and stories and how to apply them to your life in her own unique way. Like she says in the book, I almost wish for the days when we had some much less. Growing up we add only 3 TV stations and rotary/push button phones. There were no cellphones, no e-mail and we actually talked to people and had to make efforts to do stuff.

So take a look at what she thinks and you may agree with what she has to say. You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, October 9th from Harper.

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