Book Review: ‘Do No Harm’ Is The Next Exciting Dr. Katie LeClair Mystery

Dr. Katie LeClair is back in the thick of things once again in the small town of Baxter, Michigan. She’s having to work more at the clinic since Nick is gone because of his drug problem. When she meets her new patient Eugene Lowe things are about to change. He’s back in town after years in jail for manslaughter (he claims he was innocent) and is injured. Since he’s been back he’s been getting threats and has been attacked. Katie soon learns his story and she is intrigued by the case, especially when someone she worked with Taylor not to long ago is found dead (she had been working on the case and Eugene’s innocent).

Katie soon starts investigating the case and what happened back then. She interviews people that knew Taylor and gets her files. The death seems to have something to do with the murder those years ago and now Katie needs to put the pieces together and figure out what is happening today and who the murderer is. It leads to a climatic finale where her lives are at stake.

My first time reading one of author Dawn Eastman’s novels and I really enjoyed it. Katie LeClair is a fun, interesting character who will stop at nothing to find the truth. It’s a good mystery, with a climatic ending that you may or may not see coming.

You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, December 11th, from Crooked Lane.

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