Book Review: ‘Dirty Rush’ Tells What It’s Like To Be In A Sorority

‘Dirty Rush’ in a novel based on how life is on college campuses when it comes to sorority life. It’s a interesting behind the scenes account of how things go down. With a forward from Rebecca Martinson, who became famous for an e-mail that got out of her going off on her sorority sisters of Delta Gamma, at the University of Maryland.

Taylor Bell is off to college at Central Delaware University, with her best friend Jonah. She’s from a long line of Beta Zetas (her mother and sister) and has no intention of joining. When she meets a cute guy named Jack who invites her to fraternity party she decides to go and meet up with him. Once there the girls of Beta Zeta recognize her and immediately want her to join. She’s getting a lot of attention and decides that she will join after all. She can’t believe she’s doing it. They wave some of the rules and is accepted right in. Taylor must still go through all the pledges and hazing that is required. The ‘official (unofficial)’ leader Colette seems to like Taylor but is also keeping an eye on her. When Taylor learns a big secret about her sister and the Betas she vows revenge. When a sex tape is leaked and is made to look like Taylor, she goes on the offensive and is determined to clear her name no matter what.

The book is full of events that are based on real things that girls have to do to pledge their sorority. If you ever wondered about these things, this is the book to read to learn.

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