Book Review: ‘Death And Daisies’ Is The Next Fun Magic Garden Novel

Amanda Flower returns with her second Magic Garden Mystery featuring Fiona Knox and another murder mystery in the tiny town in Scotland. She has been left the cottage and magical gardens from her godfather in Duncreigan and she know lives there and is opening a flower shop, Climbing Rose Flower Shop in Aberdeenshire. She hopes to have better luck than the one she had in Nashville. He sister is also along for the opening and staying for a while with her.

She is preparing for her opening when the local Minister Quaid MacCullen (who made a scene with her at the church) stops by and makes it clear she’s now wanted and bad things could happen. Fiona brushes it off and store opens. But that same day after a brutal storm has hit Quaid is found dead on the cliffs, it looks like he drown. But the evidence soon points to murder. She does however start investigating, something the local Chief Inspector Neil Craig (who has a thing for her) has told her not to do. She even gets some warnings to back off.

She soon finds clues and hears things that she reports to Craig but she keeps being told to back off. She also consults her magic garden, that she’s still getting use to. It can give her visions (good or bad). And she sees one that frightens her. She keeps digging and soon lives will be on the line. Will she be able to survive this time?

I didn’t read the first novel with these characters but I am hooked. It’s a fun, quirky story with characters you will like and the setting of Scotland (someday I hope to go there). Throw in a little magic, a red fox and a cute cat and you have it all.

You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, November 13 from Crooked Lane.

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