Book Review: ‘Deadly Payload’ Is The Next Exciting Rim Country Mystery

Karen Randau’s next Rim Country Mystery thriller involves a deadly plan that involves the small towns water supply and then hitting larger cities.

Birds start falling from the sky and just die. Rita Avery’s husband and son become deathly ill from drinking the bad water. Her dog dies. She figures out that she never drank the water or ate anything touching the water. She rushes them to the hospital and finds that it’s happened to a lot of the other town people. Nothing seems to be working as a cure. She works with Taylor, a paramedic who deals with natural medicine and it seems to be helping a bit.

One woman homeless vet named Mary may be the key to what is happening. Rita who is a P.I. teams up with Mary and investigates what’s been going on and soon learns that this is bigger than just the town. It goes back years to when Mary was serving her country and as Rita comes close to the truth she finds her life in danger and may not be able to warn and stop what’s about to happen.

It starts off with a bang with the birds and then never lets up. Rita is a force to be reckoned with as a character and won’t stop until she finds out what is going on. With lots of twists and turns right up to the very end of the story. And it’s a really easy book to read at just 258 pages and with short, easy to read chapters.

Deadly Payload is available in stores on Tuesday, July 17.

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