Book Review: ‘Only The Dead Know Brooklyn’ Is A Good Vampire Thriller

Would you give up your immortal life of over 128 years for the love of a woman? That question is put to the test in Chris Vola’s new book Only The Dead Know Brooklyn (Thomas Dunne Books; in stores Tuesday, May 30).

Ryan Driggs has been living his life as a vampire in Brooklyn for 128 years. For almost 100 years as part of a tribe in the city. In this novel there’s a twist, you can’t leave the area you live in or you revert back to yourself pre-vampire. In Ryan’s case he had cancer and not long to live. So Ryan cannot leave Brooklyn.

He has fallen for Jennifer who goes to Manhattan all the time and wants him to go as well. He knows he has to tell her the truth and is ready to confess all. Ryan has only been in love once before and she left Brooklyn. He also needs to feed and of all places he finds someone that will sell her blood on Craigslist. He meets up with her and gets what he needs. He also finds out he was set up by her. She or someone has taken Jennifer. They’re looking for an ancient artifact from Ryan’s maker.

Checking in with one of his tribe leaders Frank, they find they are being targeted for something from a rival tribe in Manhattan. Ryan has two choices go underground and forget about Jennifer or go and find her and lost his immortality. He decides to go and try and find Jennifer. He loses his vampire abilities and is now a mortal man again.

What he finds in the city is not at all what he expects. It’s a whole lot worse. He finds his ex-girlfriend, Jennifer (and is he in for a shock) and the reason that he and his tribe are being targeted. Now he knows he really can’t trust anyone and that to settle scores he will be on his own.

A different take on the typical vampire story that has twists and turns at every turn. It’s a thrill ride a minute. If you’re a vampire fan like me this novel will not disappoint.

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