Book Review: ‘Dark Wild Night’ Is A Steamy Novel About Friendship And Love

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, well not this time!

New York Times best selling author Christina Lauren is back with her latest novel ‘Dark Wild Night (Gallery Books in stores September 15)’. This book is the newest addition to her Wild Seasons series. Haven’t not read her books before I didn’t know what to expect. Well if you like hot, erotic love scenes to read YOU MUST PICK UP THIS BOOK! WOW I think I might have blushed just a tad.

Lola and Oliver are best friends and even got married in Vegas, along with some of the friends, on a drunk evening. They regretted it right away and got it annulled. They remain best friends who are always there for each other. In reality they each want the other badly and no one has made the first move. You know what they say about being friends first and then it can turn into something more.

Lola is a writer and her graphic novel has become a smash hit and been picked up in Hollywood. She has signed over the rights for a big paycheck and co-screenplay writing nod. Oliver owns a comic book store. They both live in San Diego near each other and their friends. The more they hang out, the more the attraction is and everyone wonders why nothing is happening.

Finally on a trip to Hollywood for a party/meeting things advance along with Oliver telling her he’s in love with her. Lola is worried about the friendship (and has relationship issues) but lets it go to the next step and soon mind blowing sex and lots of talking leads along.

When Lola suddenly forgets her next book is due and misses interviews and has to fight with the movie people over the way the script for her book is being written, it becomes too much too fast. She’s overwhelmed and pulls a Ross and Rachel on Oliver (I need a break for now).

Will she lose the best thing that has ever happened to her with Oliver or will she come to her senses? Not sure if this is based on any personal experiences but like they say. Sometimes something is right in front of you and you don’t even notice or it’s too late.

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