Book Review: ‘Dark Tribute’ Is The Next Exciting Eve Duncan Novel

The latest Eve Duncan book does a time jump. Little Michael is now 10 years old living happily with Eve and Joe. Cara Delaney is a young woman on the road playing her music and becoming famous. Everything seems to be going good for everyone. But this is the world of Eve Duncan and now it’s about to get bad. A man is targeting Cara for revenge against her Grandfather. He has his plan to grab her.

Cara is in Atlanta planning on visiting her family and Jock is there as well. He has barely been talking to her because she wants a full blown relationship with him and he knows it would be wrong (even though he loves her). She is throwing herself at him and he still is rejecting her. She’s becoming a little too obsessed but will not give up. When she’s taken from her hotel room, Jock discovers she’s missing and goes on the offensive to find her. He and Joe go on the offensive to try and find her.

Cara is keeping her cool while kidnapped knowing Jock will come for her. When she finally gets away her kidnapper gets away and it sets off a chain of events to find him and puts everyone’s lives in danger. Of all people it comes down to Michael to try and save the day.

Another spellbinding Eve Duncan story that shows how a close family can come together in times of crisis and work together. Hopefully the Cara/Jock relationship works out as I don’t know if I can take more of her craziness where Jock is concerned. It’s also nice that Catherine Lang makes a cameo appearance in the story.

If you’ve not read any Eve Duncan novels yet jump on in. They are easy to follow and enough backstory is given to understand what’s going on. They’re fun, thrilling adventures.

You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, March 26th.

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