Book Review: ‘Dark Blossom: A Novel’ Is A Story With Lots Of Twists

Sam is returning hope from a business trip and turns his phone on when the plane lands. He has a lot of texts and messages and knows it cannot be good. His wife and 13 year old son have been killed in an auto accident. He’s not really able to cope with the loss and wants answers. Answers he really can’t seem to get. Why did the car crash?

After a few months he finally decides to get help and goes to a therapist named Cynthia. She has her own issues. She has a rough relationship with her 17 year old daughter Lily due to the fall out of her failed marriage to an abusive man. They’ve never really talked much about it.

Sam is doing his therapy and has good and bad moments. He still hasn’t moved on from the accident months ago. Cynthia suggests different things and he finally seems to be coming to terms with it. He is also learning on her a bit more than he should. When he calls and says he needs to talk to her right away, she says to come to her house (she sometimes does session in her home office). When he’s leaving he meets Lily who knows who he is by his computer business. They start talking and she ends up getting an internship with him. This sudden closeness with Lily and Cynthia still bothers her because he’s a patient.

When Lily and Cynthia finally talk about everything they close and a shocking secret gets revealed. It could blow up all their lives and Cynthia doesn’t know what to do. When she confesses something it doesn’t change anything until she herself figures something out and it shocks her to the core.

Author Neel Mullick has written a very good debut novel full of twists and turns you don’t see coming. The ending is truly shocking. Once you start you won’t want to put the book down it’s that good!

You can pick it up in stores now.

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