Book Review: ‘Dancing Dirty’ Is Dirty Dancing Done As A Gay Love Story

If you’ve read or seen Dirty Dancing you known it’s a love story of a dancer and someone more from the wrong side of the track with a young girl from a well to do family. Now writer Ryan Field has taken the story and wrote it as a love story between two men. Dancing Dirty is in stores now from Riverdale Avenue Books.

It’s 1978 and 18 year old Junior knows he’s gay but is so far in the closet. In those days that’s just how it is. His family is heading for northeastern Pennsylvania, to a house his parents have bought in an exclusive resort. Also along is his sixteen year old sister who has an invisible dog (yes you read that right). All Junior wants is to find the right man. He’s fantasized about it for years (he’s still a virgin). When a waiter there catches his eye he’s intrigued. One night out walking he hears music and goes and investigates. He runs into the waiter and learns there is a gay bar not far from where he’s staying. He also hooks up with the waiter and has his first experience with a man.

As Junior and the family do activities at the resort he’s smitten with a dance instructor named Carlo (who’s really hot and built according to Junior). When Junior sneaks into the gay bar he’s shocked at what he sees. It’s a whole new experience for him. When the dancing starts Carlo notices Junior and they have a sexy dance together. Then Carlo tells him to go home.

When the big leather night hits the bar Carlo and his partner Stella are supposed to do a big dance. Stella has gotten knocked up and is getting an abortion that night (money via Junior) just like in the original story. So Junior fills in as dancer with Carlo and he learns the routine and it ends up he learns a whole lot more from Carlo (beware the sex scenes are graphic and erotic).

Then from there it follows the rest of the Dirty Dancing story. His dad finds out and threatens to take the family and leave early. Carlo is fired for alleged theft. He breaks up with Junior and is leaving.

So as I said before its basically the same story as told by an 18 year old gay Junior. The story paints a good picture of the scene in 1978 during the disco era and the pre-aids outbreak. At it’s core a love story between two people who seem to be bound for each other.

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