Book Review: ‘Clawback (An Ali Reynolds Novel)’ Is Another Fun Read

This is my third Ali Reynolds book and it’s like visiting old friends every time I read one. J.A. Jance’s latest is Clawback (Touchstone; in stores Tuesday, March 8). The story is about Ali Reynolds parents and a whole lot of other people losing their money in a Ponzi scheme. In reading the press notes it said that J.A. was the victim of a scheme herself in 2010, so what she writes about is first hand knowledge.

Bob and Edie Larson (Ali’s parents) are retired and looking forward to their future. They’ve moved into a new place that is expensive and have a cruise booked. When Bob here’s the news that his money is all gone he goes to confront his long-time friend and adviser, Dan Frazier, who got him to invest the money. When he gets there he finds Dan near death and his wife dies in Bob’s arms. When the police arrive and find the double homicide Bob is placed under arrest. He’s held for hours and questioned and looks like the prime suspect.

Once Ali finds out she is determined to help out her parents and clear her dad. Putting the resources of High Noon Enterprises (her business with her husband B. a cutting edge cyber security firm) to investigate where all the money went and to prove Bob is innocent. With two of her top employees Stu and Cami on the case soon leads start popping up. The more they investigate the more clues they find. Soon a flash drive shows up that could blow the case wide open. Problem is the bad guys want it as well. It all leads to a deadly showdown that could have consequences of life and death.

There are quite a few authors I like reading with the continuing series of characters. Each time I read them as I said above I feel like I am visiting old friends and catching up with their lives. The Ali Reynolds series is no different!

If you haven’t read any of the other ones now is a good time to start. J.A. explains back story so you don’t feel like you’ve missed anything if this is your first. Pick up Clawback in stores on Tuesday, March 8.

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