Book Review: ‘City Of Fear’ Is The Next Thrilling Rob Soltz And Frank Pierce Thriller

Author Larry Emmon is back with his second novel featuring the great characters of Detectives Rob Soltz and Frank Pierce of the Dallas police force. This time out they are involved in drug war when a local kingpin is murdered, one that supplied to New York. Another local kingpin who supplies to Chicago is suspected of the murder. On top of that a mysterious redhead who may be a witch has something to do with it. And then a top-notch hit-woman has come to town to exact revenge for New York and is taking out the local gang/dealers. She is on a role with her killings.

The city is on edge and Rob and Frank are doing everything they can to find the red-head and the hit-woman. When they finally find the redhead she is not at all who they were expecting. Frank uses his charms on her and soon is bedding her before learning her secrets and it may cost him for this.

When they catch a break with the hitwoman it leads to a climatic showdown and who will survive.

This is a really good novel. The characters of Soltz and Pierce are ready good. They play off each other really well, are well-written and like-able guys. The setting in Dallas plays off great (I live here so I could relate to all the places and things that were written about the city). Hopefully there will be more stories with these two characters.

You can pick it up in stores now from Crooked Lane.

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