Book Review: ‘Cat Flap: A Novel’ Is An Interesting Look A Woman Trapped In A Cats Body

Imagine you wake up one morning and you find yourself in the mind and body of your cat named X. What would you do? How would you act? For Dolores Tremayne this is her plight. She is seeing everything going on around her in her apartment with her family. She is having to use the litter box and licking herself. She also gets to sleep a lot. She also sees a lot of things that she never would have seen (including her cheating husband). She’s aware she is in the cat but can’t do anything about it.

Meanwhile in Germany Dolores Tremayne is away on a business trip. She starts to receive and see things she has no idea about and or why it’s happening. Soon things become aware to her and now that she knows the truth she has to figure out what she will do about everything she knows.

A interesting story from a cat’s perspective for parts of the story. What they go through and think from Dolores’ point of view and how the cat flap really does play a part in a cats life.

You can pick up Cat Flap in stores on Tuesday, July 31 from St. Martin’s Press.

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