Book Review: ‘Careless Love’ Is The Next DCI Banks Thriller

DCI Banks and Annie have their hands full. Two murders with no obvious clues within a few days of each other has them somewhat stumped. They on the surface seem like suicides but after more investigations they are deemed murders. Now the search for a killer (s) has begun. They start talking to friends and family and learn very little. They learn enough to further their leads and come up with interesting tidbits that help them narrow down potential suspects.

When another dead body shows up miles from where they’re investigating, it looks like the death is tied to their deaths. When they get a break in the case it leads to shocking revelations about everyone involved and a life of a potential witness hands in the balance. Banks and Annie have to save this person before it’s too late and it could lead to the person responsible for the murders.

If you’ve never read an inspector Banks novel you’re missing out. Great characters and stories with twists and turns that keeps the reader engaged through the story. You don’t have to have read previous books in the series. Each book is like a stand alone that gives enough backstory so you understand what is going on.

You can pick up Careless Love in stores Tuesday, February 12th from Morrow.

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