Book Review: ‘Between The Lies’ Asks What Happened To Chloe Daniels

Chloe Daniels wakes up from a month long coma in the hospital and has no idea who she is or why she’s in the hospital. She doesn’t know her family or anyone around her. Her parents and sister take her home and tend to her. The walk on pins and needles around her. Her father is a shrink and is working with her trying to help her remember things. She has flashes of bits and pieces of things but nothing substantial.

She soon learns things about her life that her family is trying to keep away from her. She was married to Andrew and had a son named Joshua. Andrew died a week before her accident and Joshua was killed in her accident (it was a car crash). Chloe keeps learning things about her life and keeps finding her family has been lying to her. She’s determined to reclaim her life and figure out what happened that fatal night.

A mysterious person is also writing feelings throughout the book. Someone that loved Chloe and is determined to have her again. There was an involvement before the accident. Chloe soon figures remembers and figures out what happened that night but it may be too late for her.

A thrilling psychological story with twists and turns you don’t see coming right up to the climactic reveal. It will keep the reader thinking who it might be that responsible for what has happened. A page-turner you won’t want to put down.

You can pick up Between The Lies in stores on Tuesday, March 5th from St. Martin’s Griffin.

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