Book Review: ‘All The Best People’

All The Best People by Sonja Yoerg is available in stores now from Berkley Trade Paperback. It’s the story of one families legacy and of mental illness.

It’s 1972 and Carole LaPorte and her husband are living in Vermont and have a car repair shop. She has three kids and a sister in the area. Her mother has been in a state mental hospital since Carole was 10 years old. Something is wrong with Carole and she’s ignoring the symptoms. She’s afraid that she will end up like her mother.

Through flashbacks we learn all about her family and how he mother ended up in the mental hospital. And it’s quite the tale. The past and the present will soon collide all because of a little blue glass box, that may hold the key to everyone’s future.

With twists and turns it keeps your attention throughout. Not one of my top ten books so far this year but make for a good summer read.

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