Book Review: ‘Best. Movie. Year. Ever.: How 1999 Blew Up the Big Screen’

Was 1999 the best year ever for movies? According to Brian Raftery it is. He has worked for Wired magazine and has written for some of the big ones including GQ, Rolling Stone and Esquire among others. He has written a lot of reviews over the years and knows of what he speaks.

The year brought the releases of Blair Witch Project (a movie I personally hated), Fight Club (great movie), The Matrix (I still haven’t seen this one), Office Space (Great!), The Sixth Sense (another great movie), American Pie (again great) and ten other movies he goes into detail on (most I didn’t see). He goes into great detail on each of these movies and has over 130 new and in some cases exclusive interviews with the actors and people that made the movies and details everything he can about them.

Some people might argue that other years are better so pick up the book and decide for yourself if you agree. I for one cannot as I am not a big movie buff but reading this book proves to me that 1999 was a groundbreaking year leading into a new century where change in the entertainment industry was huge. And the the work Brian has done on this book is just awesome.

After you pick up the book on Tuesday, April 16 from Simon & Schuster, you can Tweet to Brian your thoughts.

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