Book Review: ‘Best Intentions’ Aren’t Always The Best

Marti Trailor is a wife and mother of three. Her marriage has been having issues like anyone else that has married for a long time. Her husband Elliot is an obstetrician and works long hours. He’s often cranky and tries to turns things around on Marti like she has issues. Marti has decided to go back to work after years away. It happens to be the same place her husband works. Her job is something akin to social work.

When 18 year old pregnant Tonya shows up, Marti takes a personal interest in her case. She’s not on the best terms at the moment with her mom. Marti finds her a place to live and assists her with birthing classes (and also agrees to be the godmother to her child). This causes so issues in her marriage, which frankly is just going down the drain. When Tonya has her baby things go really bad. Marti is caught in the crossfire and is accused of a heinous crime.

So Marti is on trial for her live, her marriage is over and she has lost custody at the moment of her kids. As the trial progresses secrets are revealed and it all leads to a shocking conclusion.

The story is told in real time and in flashbacks. We learn about Marti and Elliot’s marriage, how things lead to their separation and why Marti is on trial.

Author Erika Raskin has based this book on her real life in that she’s the mother of three, a politician’s daughter (like Marti in the story)and wife to a successful doctor. So she can write a sharp, interesting story based on first hand knowledge of what the characters in the story are going through.

You can pick up Best Intentions on Tuesday, August 15 from St. Martin’s Press.

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