Book Review: ‘The Beautiful Ones’ Is A Tale Of Love And Revenge

It’s the Grand Season in Loisail and for Antonina (likes to be called Nina) Beaulieu it’s a season that will change her life. She’s in town staying with her Uncle Gaetan and Cousin Valerie (who is annoyed by Nina). She is trying to teach Nina how to be a young lady in society. At one of the first balls of the season Nina meets and is charmed by Hector. He has an ability in telekinetic and has a show at the Royal. Nina also has this ability and looks forward to meeting Hector again.

Hector also has a connection to Nina’s family. He was in love with and engaged to Valerie ten years ago. He was poor and not up to the standards of her family. While he was away working on getting a fortune Valerie married Gaetan, who was of a rich family and in these times love didn’t matter as much as status. Hector’s heart was broken and now ten years later he is about to see her for the first time. Nina is allowed to have him call on her as Valerie wants to see him as well.

When they meet up she tries to explain her actions. He wants her to run away with him and she refuses. He’s given permission to court Nina. Hector today is rich and has more social standing. They meet up on a number of occasions and he teaches Nina how to use her gift. She falls in love with him. He has feelings for her as well but still thinks of Valerie.

When they go away to Nina’s family home it all falls apart. Nina writes Hector a letter confessing her feelings which Valerie takes and reads. Nina catches Hector and Valerie kissing in the library and is torn apart. Valerie blackmails her to keep quite with the letter and how it could ruin Nina. Hector leaves feeling like a fool. He truly cares for Nina and wants to be with her. He has finally put Valerie in the past. Nina wants nothing to do with him now.

A year later back in town for the Grand Season Nina meets young Luc who is smitten with her. More for her money. He’s the youngest in his family and a bit of a cad. He wants to build a grand hotel and needs money. He goes to Valerie and she agrees to help him as long as he gets Nina to marry him. Hector is also back in the picture and is trying to make things right with Nina. He realizes he has feelings for her. As they get closer Valerie becomes bitter about it and spreads lies to Nina, who agrees to marry Luc. Nina finally admits to herself she can’t marry him and runs off to Hector, Luc feeling betrayed wants a duel and it could cost one of them their lives and the happiness that Nina and Hector have fought to have.

Silvia Moreno-Garcia has written an epic romance set in the time of society and where love isn’t important but status is. There’s an old saying hell hath no fury like a woman scorned (which in some regards applies to Valerie). There’s also a saying payback is a bitch and by the end of the story that is a true statement.

You can pic up a copy of The Beautiful Ones from St. Martin’s Press in stores now.

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