Book Review: ‘Bad’ By Chloe Esposito Is A Great Sequel To Mad

Sometimes a second novel in a series is not very good or as good as the first story. In the case of Bad, the follow up to Mad and the second in the trilogy, the story is just as good. Alvina ‘Alvie’ Knightly is back and is pissed off. Remember ‘Hell Hath No Furry Like A Woman Scorned.’

The story picks up right where the last book left off. Nino has left Alvie in London and taken the car, her clothes and all the money. She is royally pissed off and has vowed revenge. She still has her sisters diamonds and is able to sell them for a good price. She had put a tracking app on Nino’s phone and starts following him. Big mistake as he is on to that and she is almost killed (she ends up doing the killing).

Soon she tracks him via a dating app and ends up in Rome. Then it’s on. He knows she is there and is playing games with her. She resorts to many measures to change her look since the police have found all the dead bodies she left behind. They assume her sister is dead. When her mother and the police track her to Rome, she is able to cover her tracks about the murders and mayhem she left behind.

Now it’s on catch Nino, get the money back and kill him. When she involves the mob it could cost her. But Alvie is smart and soon they find Nino. But something happens and Alvie is arrested and her only hope is to outwit the police and save her live.

So many crazy things happen in the book is a miracle Alvie is even alive or able to keep going. There are a lot of twists and turns and a shocking ending that sets up the third book. Author Chloe Esposito has written a sexy (and steamy at times) thrill ride that stars from page one and continues to the very end. Alvie is one bad ass bitch and you want to stay out of her way or she could just take you down!

I cannot wait until the final book to see how the story ends. You can pick up Bad in stores on Tuesday, July 24th from Dutton.

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