Book Review: ‘And Then There Was Me’ Is A Story Of One Woman’s Struggle To Find Herself

A story of friendship, secrets and betrayal highlight Sadeqa Johnson’s new novel And Then There Was Me (Thomas Dunne Books; in stores now).

Two longtime best friends Bea and Awilda highlight this story. Bea is married to Lonnie and has two kids. He’s a successful business man who provides for his family. He’s also a serial cheater. Why Bea stays with him she just doesn’t know. Awilda is also married but not happily. When Bea decides to carry a baby for a cousin who can’t have a kid it puts tension on her marriage. It also opens up an old addiction that Bea has. Every insecurity brings her back to her food problems and she soon fears for the babies safety.

She also knows that Lonnie is cheating again despite his denials. It’s also a shock when she finally figures out who he is with. It takes everything in Bea to finally wake up, take stock in herself and try to make the right changes to her life.

A well written story that looks at an addiction that many women suffer from as well as infidelity. Sadeqa shows that someone can take stock in themselves and rise up to overcome!

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