Book Review: ‘An Anonymous Girl’ By Greer Hendricks And Sarah Pekkanen Is A Great Thriller

Jessica Farris is a makeup artist. She’s barely making enough to survive in New York City. When one of her clients decides not to go to a research study she takes the information and goes in her place. If pays $500.00 and she can really use the money. It’s being conducted by a mysterious person named Dr. Shields. Jessica enters and a laptop is in the room and a series of questions are asked. Just answer them honestly. The Dr. is monitoring and probes Jessica to go deeper with her answers and to be completely honest. After she finishes she is asked to come back again for follow up questions and more money.

This leads to a few more sessions until she finally meets the Dr. in person who to her surprise is a woman. She’s a Professor and psychologist. She soon hires Jessica to do more things for her this time putting her into situations in public to see how scenarios play out. Jessica soon becomes suspicious of her and starts to investigate the Dr. She finds she may not be all she seems.

It seems Dr. Shields has ulterior motives for having Jessica around and soon she knows everything little thing about her and is putting her into a situation that Jessica cannot get out of involving someone close to Dr. Shields. Jessica is being told two different things and not sure who to believe or how to get out of her current situation. It soon comes down to a deadly showdown where someone won’t survive.

Authors Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen have written a thrilling psychological story full of twists and turns that you don’t see coming. A masterful page-turner that will keep you reading until the final word.

You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, January 8th.

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